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Written by Daniel Jones

Directed by Brittney Anderson

Technical Support by 10th Floor Productions


A Villager finds themselves back in a community that they abandoned many years ago. Upon returning the Villager is surprised to see that the town and many of their friends have moved on.


What do we do when we realize that our lives and actions intertwine with the lives of others? 


Villager is a new musical about friendship, accountability, and action.

Creative and Production Team

Director Brittney Anderson**

Stage Manager Kelly Fleming**

Dramaturg David Tibbs**

Writer/Music Director Daniel Jones**


Lighting Designer Colin Sass*

Scenic + Props Designer Dalton Whiting*

Costume Designer Cole Supsic

Video Designer Larry Barnes*

OBS Engineer Bless Rudisill*

Sound Engineer Bryan Cowan


Villager  Sarah Bastian*

Honeybear  Kashmir Reed

Scribbles  Erin Russo*

Pascal Jeffrey Bare*
Celeste  India Boone

Isabelle Anna Lieberman

** Indicates Void Artist

* Indicated Void Frequent Collaborator

Produced in collaboration with 10th Floor Productions. 

For more information, visit their website:

Poster and Villager Art credits to Maddie Osbourne.

Follow her on Instagram @talltoothed 

Visit her website:

Want to see a behind the scenes look at the making of Villager?

Click here to visit our YouTube Channel to see! 

Did you miss your chance to see Villager?

Not a problem! 

Send us an email at for more information!

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