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Written by Bertolt Brecht 

Translated by Eric Bentley

Directed by Brittney Anderson


Mother Courage drags her cart across the battlefields of the Thirty Years War, profiteering from a conflict that destroys her children, one by one. It isn’t easy, starting a war, but nothing worthwhile is easy. Although some may pray for peace, Mother Courage knows war is like love, it always finds a way. 

Creative and Production Team

Director Brittney Anderson**

Stage Manager/Assistant Director Kelly Fleming**

Dramaturg David Tibbs**

Composer/Music Director Daniel Jones**


Lighting Designer Lilly Fossner

Scenic Designer Nick Embree

Costume Designer Suni Watkins

Props Designer Kat Wheary & Christine DiJoseph

Sound Designer Toby Pettit


Mother Courage  Eleanor Borzilleri

Swiss Cheese  Stephen Perkins

Eilif  Cameron Farrell

Kattrin Sarah Bastian*
The Cook  Giacomo Fizzano

The Chaplain Jeffrey Bare*

Yvette Phenon Murphy*

Ensemble Shaun Morgan, Clark Smith, Justin Rubenstein, Trey Krause, Fiona Hill, Max Nolan, Olivia Duvall 

Cellist Lauren Kelly

Drummer John Caserta

** Indicates Void Artist

* Indicated Void Frequent Collaborator

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