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Book, Music, and Lyrics by Daniel Jones

Directed by Brittney Anderson


A Sea Monkey leaves the bleached coral reef that once was his home, and embarks on a journey in search of meaning, in the last moments of his life. Sea Monkey: The Musical, is an exploration of friendship, art, nature, and life.

Creative and Production Team

Director Brittney Anderson**

Dramaturg David Tibbs**

Composer/Music Director Daniel Jones**

Stage Manager Emily Betts


Lighting Design Larry Barnes*

Scenic Design Dalton Whiting*

Costume Design Jaz Blain

Technical Director Seth Chaffin


Sea Monkey Lorenzo Pugliese

Sea Turtle Anna Lieberman*

Bird Patrick Campbell

Koko Chanel Phenon Murphy*

The Monkeys Dezi Tibbs**, Erin Russo*, Maddy Pratt, Jeffrey Bare*, Malynne Smith, Michael Jernick, Maddie Kreitzberg

Band Daniel Jones**, John Caserta*, Donald McGrath

** Indicates Void Artist

* Indicated Void Frequent Collaborator

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